It is critical that Congress stops the 3.4% Medicare cut before it is too late!

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The Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation (APTQI) is an aligned group of physical therapists and physical therapy practices who share a common vision for the future of our profession. Our goal is to establish physical therapy as a clinically appropriate treatment of choice with the best value for patients and payers.

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Medicare Cuts Harm Seniors’ Access to Physical Therapy Care

It’s disheartening to hear stories of physical therapists who are increasingly struggling to afford their training and cost of living while facing lower pay (“Back Pain? Bum Knee? Be Prepared…


APTQI Donates $25,000 to Support the Next Generation of Physical Therapists

The donation to the Rizing Tide Foundation will support scholarships that promote diversity in the physical therapy workforce Washington, D.C. –– The Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation (APTQI)…


Enhancing Chronic Pain Management with Physical Therapy

Chronic pain affects millions of individuals across the United States, prompting a critical evaluation of the current strategies for its management. A recent study, based on data from the Centers…

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One-Pager: Physical Therapy Prevents Falls, Cuts Opioid Use, & Reduces Spending

Infographic: New Data Shows Severe Impact of COVID-19 on the Physical Therapy Profession