APTQI Membership

We are an aligned group of therapists and practices who share a common vision for the future of our profession.

Our Commitment

APTQI unites community-based physical therapy practices to advocate for the profession in the areas of payment reform, quality initiatives, patient outcomes and innovation. We are an aligned group of therapists and practices who share a common vision for the future of our profession. Our goal is to establish physical therapy as a clinically appropriate treatment of choice with the best value for patients and payers.

Our goal is to educate and unite the entire physical therapy community around a shared set of policy goals. Physical therapy provides one of the best values in all of healthcare, therefore APTQI is committed to educating healthcare policy influencers on our role in the healthcare delivery system. APTQI follows through on this commitment by:

  • Cultivating and leveraging relationships with key Members of Congress to advocate for the profession.
  • Providing consistent feedback to federal regulators at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on how their regulations effect physical therapy practice.
  • Engaging with local and national commercial payers to ensure appropriate payment methodologies are applied.
  • Building relationships with academic institutions.
  • Giving back to our communities through contributions that improve health and wellness.

Our Members

APTQI was established in 2014 to defend the profession against policy threats that restrict the provider community’s ability to provide quality care while also advancing payment policies to strengthen the delivery of physical therapy. Our membership includes some of the nation’s largest national and regional community-based physical therapy provider companies. 

APTQI works collaboratively with other leading professional groups to advocate for transparency, collaboration and an approach that will position our profession as vital to the healthcare delivery system. APTQI is focused on increasing understanding of what we do by proactively advocating for therapists and the patients we serve.

APTQI Committees

APTQI members operate a series of committees that further our mission:

  • The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee assists the Board of Directors in creating and supporting initiatives that will empower APTQI’s member companies to promote diversity and equity in the workplace and inclusion in the communities in which they serve.
  • The Governance Committee sets the overall agenda for APTQI and reviews applications for new members.
  • The Government Affairs Committee advances APTQI's legislative and regulatory initiatives. This includes advocating for changes that recognize the value of therapy services.
  • The Public Relations Committee increases the public profile of both APTQI and the profession. The includes initiatives aimed at reaching all stakeholders about the efficacy and value of therapy services.
  • The Payor Relations Committee educates private payers about ways to improve the benefit design and patient access of therapy services.
  • The Vendor Committee establishes collaborative relationships with non-provider companies and organizations that have a stake in the profession. 

APTQI offers three tiers of membership: executive members, at-large members, and affiliate members. Only executive members are offered voting right in regards to APTQI affairs.

Executive Membership is for companies operating over 75 clinics. Membership Dues: $7,500 per month.

Affiliate Membership is for companies operating 75 or fewer clinics. Membership Dues: $2,000 per month.

At-Large Membership is for companies engaged in the business of selling or otherwise providing equipment and related services to physical therapy providers. Membership Dues: $6,250 per month.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Access to D.C.-based lobbying and public affairs firms.
  • Invitations to Congressional events hosted by APTQI.
  • Member pricing on PAC formation for your company.
  • Quarterly newsletter featuring federal and state policy news impacting physical therapists and provider organizations.
  • Coordinated education and grassroots initiatives on the value of physical therapy.
  • Daily media reports of health policy and physical therapy trade news.

Vendor Affiliate Membership

The strategic inclusion of vendors is designed to both accelerate our mission objectives and broaden our grassroots efforts as we work to improve quality, protect patient access to care, and stabilize the future of the physical therapy profession.

Benefits of vendor affiliate membership include:

  • Participation of 1 C-Suite designee in select APTQI activities
  • Ability to be part of the larger APTQI discussion on a regular basis
  • Exclusive access to industry leaders
  • Ability to provide information to APTQI members
  • Engagement in education and grassroots advocacy initiatives and tools
  • Receipt of quarterly newsletter and daily media reports

To learn more or apply to become a vendor affiliate member, please contact Terrence Sims at vendor@aptqi.com.

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