Guest Blog: Advocating for the PT profession with Outcome Data

As a member of APTQI, you know the common vision for our industry is to establish physical therapy (PT) as the best choice and value for the patients and payors. However, legislation, reimbursement, and a drive for high-quality outcomes provide unique challenges to our industry.

OccuPro shares this common vision and understands the obstacles the industry is facing. This prompted our involvement with APTQI. As we share the same goal to get the patients/injured workers back to the life they want and deserve. Focusing on quality reporting and outcomes that a patient’s care team can use to help reach this goal is a priority for all of us.

For over 20 years, OccuPro has worked with many of the largest PT practices in the country focusing on reporting and outcomes that get injured workers back to their preinjury status as soon as possible.  OccuPro shares the same success with the US Army which uses OccuPro in 14 Army Recovery Care Units to get injured soldiers back to their duties.

As a member of APTQI, we felt it important to highlight some of our national workers’ compensation outcomes that our thousands of customers have produced to get injured workers back to their daily lives. We want to help advocate for this profession, its positive outcomes for patients, and improved revenue under less legislation. We have the data to support and tell this story!

Our software is considered the industry’s standard workers’ compensation documentation system, and our outcome data stands behind this. Out of one million patient encounters we tracked the following:

Our focus is the same as yours – getting people back to work and daily lives safely and quickly so their livelihood is disrupted as little as possible. All while providing valuable outcome data for the patient’s care team. Showing that physical therapy without regulations makes for better outcomes.

We’ve seen this first-hand from the federal level with our work with the US Army’s recovery unit. Our software was instrumental in getting injured soldiers back to their jobs while using quality outcome measurements. Our other partners and APTQI members such as Ivy Rehab, CORA Physical Therapy, Athletico, Doctors of Physical Therapy, JAG Physical Therapy, PT Solutions Physical Therapy, US Physical Therapy, and Team Rehabilitation can also attest to these same outcomes in their clinics.

“With all of us working together, seeing the same level of outcomes will help fortify the PT profession’s vision well into the future,” stated Carmelo Tenuta, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-founder. “Our work is just beginning as a new vendor affiliate member of APTQI, but we hope that our industry-leading reports and outcomes will add to this conversation. By ensuring patient access to value-driven physical therapy care and providing the outcome data will help garner support at the government level. All of which is vital to the future of the physical therapy industry.”

About OccuPro:

Co-founded in 2002, by Jim Mecham MSIE, OTR/L, CPE, and Carmelo Tenuta, PT, OccuPro has developed the industry’s most respected workers’ compensation documentation system used by thousands of therapy practices and all the major workers’ compensation insurance carriers/payors have immediate access to reports and objective work comp outcome data. OccuPro’s software, training, and certification programs are industry-leading services that boost a rehabilitation clinic’s overall net revenue within weeks of implementation. Learn more about OccuPro today.