Congress Must Protect Access to Physical Therapy by Stopping Looming Medicare Cuts

As the nation comes to grips with the growing health challenge imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak, and physical therapy patients are struggling to access their needed services, physical therapists have another great threat on the horizon: an estimated 8% payment cut to Medicare therapy services in 2021 as a result of the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) rule for CY 2020.

While much flexibility has been afforded to health care providers during this time, physical therapists are still fighting to receive reimbursement for the care they can provide to their patients via telehealth. Now, during this unprecedented public health emergency, is not the time to implement a severe Medicare reimbursement cut.

Congress must take steps to ensure patients who rely on physical therapy services to manage their chronic and acute pain are able to continue receiving these services. And fortunately, they have the opportunity to do so before any more seniors lose access to care.

By waiving the budget neutrality requirement in the 2020 PFS rule, lawmakers can save therapy service reimbursement from the 8% cut while also allowing for other code increases to go into effect. This waiver is supported by more than 100 health care professional societies and associations, including the American Medical Association.

ACT NOW: Ask your lawmakers to stabilize physical therapy payment before the 8% cut goes into effect in 2021. CLICK HERE to send an email.