Jump Start Your Physical Therapy Advocacy in 2023

The 118th Congress has been sworn in, and there are many new faces on Capitol Hill. Forty-eight new Republican and 38 new Democratic lawmakers joined the U.S. House and U.S. Senate this month.

As both new and returning lawmakers get to work, it’s important that our community educates them (and their staff!) about the value of physical therapy and some of the policy challenges we face in the year ahead.

It is critical that our lawmakers understand that physical therapy provides one of the best values in all of healthcare. It is a safe, patient-preferred approach for addressing injury, chronic pain, and restricted mobility and for preventing costly senior falls. Physical therapy is also an effective, lower-cost alternative to invasive procedures & pharmacological treatments such as opioids.

Yet despite the value we provide, physical and occupational therapy providers have faced a debilitating series of payment reductions from Medicare that jeopardize our ability to continue treating senior patients. While the last Congress took action to partially mitigate payment cuts for 2023, we must help lawmakers understand the urgent need for more long-term solutions to Medicare payment for the good of patients and their care providers.

Establishing early and regular contact with your lawmakers can make a big difference in our profession’s advocacy efforts, which is why we encourage you to get started now!

Send an email to your federal lawmakers welcoming them to the 118th Congress and introducing them to some of our priority policy issues.