Physical Therapy During the COVID-19 Crisis: A Discussion with Millie Parekh

While the COVID-19 crisis evolves and the virus continues to spread, many individuals still require medically necessary physical and occupational therapy services. Millions of seniors rely on physical therapy services to manage their pain, post-operative care, mobility, and fall risks. Delays in care and the consequences of missing therapy guided treatment can have long-term health consequences.

We recently spoke with Millie Parekh, PT, DPT, the Clinic Director for PT Solutions Physical Therapy in Marietta, GA, about the impact of COVID-19 on her practice and what patients can expect when receiving care during this time.

We asked Millie the following questions:

  • How has the ongoing COVID-19 crisis impacted your ability to care for your patients? (0:24)
  • We know patients are avoiding care to limit exposure to COVID-19. What are some risks associated with skipping needed physical and occupational therapy services? (1:27)
  • What precautions are your practice taking to keep patients and therapists safe? (2:46)
  • For patients who return to the office for in-person visits, what can they expect? What will be different? (3:41)
  • What advice do you have for patients who may be unsure about returning to care during this time? (4:43)
  • How would the planned 8% Medicare cut impact your patients and practice if it’s implemented while the COVID-19 crisis continues? (5:47)