PT Community Floods CMS with Comment Letters on Proposed PFS Rule

Last month we asked for your help in reaching out to CMS, and advocates like you took action in overwhelming numbers! More than 41,000 letters were sent to CMS on the proposed Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) rule for CY 2020.

Physical therapists in nearly all 50 states submitted more than 2,300 comment letters to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) expressing concern with the proposed reimbursement reduction to PT services!

The tremendous importance of your grassroots support cannot be overestimated. Your vocal opposition to the across-the-board 8% cuts to physical therapy services starting in 2021 amplifies the message of the comment letter that APTQI submitted to CMS. By educating policymakers about the proposed cut’s significant negative impact on patient access to PT services, we have a real chance to influence the outcome of the final rule.

Fierce Healthcare called the physical therapy community’s efforts a “flood” and highlighted the reimbursement reduction’s effects on providers, especially in rural and underserved areas, who could face financial sustainability issues if the cuts are finalized. In addition, Morning Consult recently published an opinion column authored by Nikesh Patel, executive director of APTQI, stressing the industry’s strong opposition to the proposed cuts.

As CMS takes these comments into consideration before issuing its final PFS rule in November, let’s take a moment to recognize the power of the entire physical therapy community. The success of this grassroots letter writing campaign showcases just how effective we can be when we rally behind a shared goal.

Thank you all for your continued support. Your impact is truly felt every day—not just in your practices and with your patients, but on Capitol Hill, at CMS and beyond.