Recognizing Older Americans Month and Working to Prevent Costly Falls

May is Older Americans Month, a time to honor the contributions of our elders and address their unique needs. At APTQI, we recognize the crucial role that physical therapy services play in ensuring that older Americans can rehabilitate and regain bodily function, manage pain, prevent injury, and improve their mobility, flexibility, and balance.

Physical and occupational therapists (PTs and OTs) are instrumental in developing tailored exercise programs that enhance patients’ strength, balance, and mobility. Ultimately, the exercises that PTs and OTs develop for each unique patient help to reduce the risk of falls and related injuries. Moreover, by using falls risk assessments, PTs and OTs can identify potential hazards in the home and help older Americans adapt their living spaces and routines to ensure safety and ease in daily activities. These professionals and their services are essential in preventing hospital readmissions and reducing overall healthcare costs.

As we recognize Older Americans Month, APTQI urges Members of Congress to recognize the value of PTs and OTs in preventing dangerous and costly falls for older Americans. By supporting the Stopping Addiction and Falls for the Elderly (SAFE) Act (H.R. 7618), Congress has the opportunity to expand access to no-cost falls assessments by true fall prevention experts.

Join us in recognizing Older Americans Month by urging your Member of Congress to support this vital legislation! Together, we can prevent falls and improve the well-being of older Americans.