Senator King Unveils “Stand Strong” Legislative Package

In a significant move to address the pressing issue of household falls and their consequences in Maine, and nationwide, Senator Angus King (I-Maine) has announced a legislative initiative aimed at helping older residents “Stand Strong” and avoid fall-related injuries. ATPQI is committed to promoting the well-being of older Americans and wholeheartedly supports this effort to enhance preventative care and reduce fall-related incidents.

The Stand Strong Legislative Package

The “Stand Strong” legislative package comprises crucial components that emphasize proactive home modifications and increased access to preventative screenings for older Americans. The key elements of this legislative package include:

  1. Preventative Home Visits Act: This act focuses on expanding Medicare benefits to cover home modifications. By making home environments safer and more accessible, it aims to prevent falls and their associated injuries.
  2. WELL Seniors Act: The WELL Seniors Act ensures the accessibility of telehealth services, which can be vital for older adults, particularly those living in remote or underserved areas. It also incorporates comprehensive screenings during Medicare Annual Wellness Visits to identify potential fall risks.

The Impact of Falls Nationwide

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), falls are the leading cause of injury for adults aged 65 and older. Nationally, over 36 million older people fall every year, with the CDC estimating that by 2030, there may be as many as 52 million senior falls, resulting in 12 million injuries. Financially, the cost of treating injuries resulting from falls is staggering, with an annual national impact estimated at $50 billion.

The Role of the Congressional Task Force on Falls Prevention

This package is accompanied by the creation of the Congressional Task Force on Falls Prevention, cofounded by Senator King and Congresswoman Lois Frankel (D-FL). The task force is dedicated to advancing strategies to reduce falls among older adults, making falls prevention a national priority.

The Stand Strong Legislative Package is not just an essential step towards preventing falls and their associated consequences—it’s a lifeline for older Americans. APTQI stands firmly behind Senator King’s endeavor to enhance preventative care, promote home safety, and ensure accessible healthcare services for older Americans. We hope this initiative will have a far-reaching and positive impact on the lives of older Americans, and we look forward to working with Senator King and Representative Frankel on successful implementation.

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