Advocates Speak Out Against Medicare Cuts in Record Numbers

Over the past month, we asked for your help reaching out to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to express concerns regarding the deep, across-the-board cuts to physical therapy and more than 30 other specialty healthcare providers – and you and your fellow advocates took action in overwhelming numbers! 

Physical and occupational therapists in from 48 states and D.C. submitted more than 3,300 comment letters through our portal to CMS expressing their concerns that this drastic cut that will drive providers out of business and reduce Medicare beneficiary access to critical care services.

The significance of your grassroots support cannot be overestimated. Your vocal opposition amplifies the message the comment letters submitted to CMS by APTQI and dozens of other advocacy organizations. By educating policymakers about the risks of more Medicare cuts to patient access to PT services, we have a real chance to influence the outcome of the final rule.

Thank you all for your continued support, but we can’t stop fighting now.

While we wait for CMS to consider our letters and release the final rule, we must continue to fight to protect patient access to care by raising awareness in our communities.

Start now by sending a letter to your local newspaper expressing concern and disappointment with Medicare’s decision to make additional payment cuts to therapy services. Click here to get started.