Announcing the Vendor Affiliate Membership Program

At APTQI, our goal is to establish physical therapy as a clinically appropriate treatment of choice with the best value for patients and payers. We know that physical therapy provides one of the best values in all of healthcare, and we are committed to educating healthcare policy influencers on our role in the healthcare delivery system.

To both accelerate our mission objectives and broaden our grassroots efforts, APTQI is expanding our membership to include vendor affiliate companies.

As members, vendor organizations can participate in APTQI activities by:

  • Cultivating and leveraging relationships with key Members of Congress.
  • Providing consistent feedback to federal regulators on how their regulations effect physical therapy practices.
  • Engaging with commercial payers to ensure appropriate payment methodologies are applied.
  • Supporting research to show the role physical therapy can play in reducing the total cost of care.
  • Building relationships with academic institutions to assist with placement of physical therapy students in quality clinics.
  • Giving back to our communities through contributions that improve health and wellness.

Vendor affiliate members also have the opportunity to participate in APTQI discussions, have exclusive access to physical therapy industry leaders, receive regular APTQI communications, and more.

To learn more or apply to become a vendor affiliate member, please contact Terrence Sims at