Physical Therapy Community Opens Their Doors to Lawmakers

At APTQI, we know that physical therapy provides one of the best values in all of healthcare. We are focused on increasing understanding of what we do by proactively advocating for therapists and the patients we serve.

To further this mission, APTQI members have invited lawmakers to visit their practices to learn about physical therapy’s role in the healthcare delivery system, meet patients, and hear from physical therapy professionals about policies impacting the profession today.

Recently, Rep. Carol Miller of West Virginia visited a First Settlement Physical Therapy Clinic in Kanawha County:

Meanwhile, in Florida, Rep. Lois Frankel met with representatives from CORA Physical Therapy and U.S. Physical Therapy Inc. to learn how physical therapy can prevent falls:

Staff members from lawmakers’ local offices are also getting involved. Joseph Haro from Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s office visited Bodycentral Physical Therapy, a Therapy Partners Group practice in Arizona.

APTQI and our members welcome the opportunity to host lawmakers and their staffs at outpatient practices across the country!