New Medicare Cuts Threaten Physical Therapy

In November, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) rule for CY 2020, which includes a projected 8% cut to physical therapy services starting in 2021.

Considering that thousands of physical therapists sent letters to CMS warning against this payment cut and the devastating consequences it could have on the delivery of physical therapy services, CMS’ decision to finalize these cuts is incredibly disappointing.

This cut will only worsen the effects of previous cuts implemented in recent years – including a 2011 multiple procedure payment reduction, which was increased in 2013, as well as the reduction of two common procedural codes used by physical therapists in 2018.

As we continue to confront the opioid crisis and the epidemic of elderly Americans falling in their homes, patient access to safe, professional physical therapy services must be fortified, not destabilized.

We must continue to fight to protect access to physical therapy. APTQI remains committed to working with CMS and lawmakers on Capitol Hill to ensure policies are put in place that mitigate these cuts before their planned implementation in 2021––and we’ll need your help to get that done!

You can start now by sending a letter to your local newspaper expressing concern and disappointment in these harmful PT cuts. Click here to get started.