Physical Therapy Advocates Continue to Speak Out Against Medicare Cuts

When the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a projected 8% cut to physical therapy services starting in 2021, the physical therapy community was quick to speak out by submitting more than 2,300 comment letters to CMS expressing concern with the proposed reimbursement reduction to PT services.

And while CMS chose to finalize the cut despite our community’s warnings, we aren’t giving up this fight! Over the past few months, physical therapists across the country have spoken out in the media. See some highlights below:

“During my nearly 30 years working in the rehabilitation field, I have never seen such a shortsighted reimbursement policy. At a time when unprecedented numbers of Americans are reaching retirement age, we cannot afford to limit patient access to vital and cost-effective physical therapy services.”

Bill Anastassatos,

“Despite the incredible value of physical therapy, a newly planned Medicare cut to physical therapy payment will reduce our ability to meet the needs of vulnerable seniors in our community and across the United States.”

Kristen Hadden, The Chicago Sun-Times

“As we continue to confront national health challenges, like the opioid crisis and the epidemic of elderly falls, patient access to physical therapy services must be prioritized. I hope Congress and the Trump administration will work with therapy stakeholders to stop these deep cuts before they go into effect in 2021.”

Kelsey Dudgeon, Orlando Sentinel

You can get involved in our advocacy efforts by submitting a letter to your local newspaper too! Click here to get started.